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Second Hand Uniforms - 'The Sustainable School Shop'

Some parents will be familiar with the PCS Second Hand Uniform Portal that was made available last year, in which parents were able to buy and sell second hand PCS uniforms. Due to a pending update to the PCS website, the Second Hand Uniform portal will no longer be available.


Instead, PCS recommends an external provider, The Sustainable School Shop


The Sustainable School Shop is an on-line service for buying and selling second hand school uniforms, other items such as text books and musical instruments, and anything that relates to education, extra curricular activities, interests, hobbies and sport.


It’s free to register, free to search and buy, and items can be sold for a small fee.


The Sustainable School Shop encourages re-use and re-cycling through innovation and technology, enabling schools and families to look for a second-hand item first before buying new.


You will buy and sell directly with other parents in the school, which is a great way to get to know the broader school community. The Sustainable School Shop also provides a better user interface and provides greater scope for selling education relation items.


To register to buy or sell CLICK HERE to go to Sustainable School Shop.

Winter/Summer Uniform Changeover - 2017
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