School Attendance

We are well into the school year. Hopefully your child/adolescent has started the year well and their attendance has been strong.


Attending school consistently is crucial for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. Missing one day every fortnight might not seem like all that much but by December, it equates to a full four weeks of school! If that happens every year from Kindergarten to Year 10, then an entire year of school has been missed. It is important to note that partial absenteeism (arriving late or leaving early) also counts towards overall attendance.


Of course, there are very valid reasons for missing school such being sick or having an infectious disease, having an unavoidable medical appointment or exceptional family circumstances such as a funeral.  Still, everything should be done to keep your child/adolescent’s attendance as high as possible.


If you are having difficulty getting your child/young person to school then it is time to act NOW! It is completely normal if they express reluctance to attend school at some point (‘Mondayitis’ is real!) but if getting your child out the door each morning is becoming harder and harder, or worse still, their attendance is declining, it is important to seek help immediately before it develops into full-blown ‘school refusal’. Children and adolescents who school refuse can very quickly become entrenched in a long-term pattern of school refusal, which can have major long-term impacts for them and your family.


The wellbeing of our students at PCS is of utmost importance. Should you have concerns regarding these difficulties with your child/adolescent, please discuss it with your child’s teacher/Wellbeing Mentor. We also have four experienced, qualified School Counsellors available to help you and your child/adolescent overcome challenges, including anything impacting their school attendance. Early intervention is always best.


Melanie Crizer

School Counsellor


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