Remote Learning K-6 CAPA Update

This term has been a unique start to the K-6 Creative and Performing Arts Key Learning Area but this has not suppressed students in their creativity, appreciating other artists, critically thinking, problem solving, experimenting, designing, making, communicating and performing.

I am so privileged, encouraged, inspired and blessed by the God breathed gifts and talents our Lord has bestowed and so excited to see independence, resilience, confidence and purpose growing in our kids. Below are some comments and work samples from students and parents, and how they’re enjoying CAPA Remote Learning style. Enjoy!

‘… wanted to do your music task this afternoon, I let them to keep them engaged.’

‘It was a really interesting work, so he did it with great pleasure. Thank you!’

‘It was really fun watching and listening to the Music videos and making this one. Hope you like it? 😊😊😊’

‘The girls have been loving doing music, we do it together… has also watched videos. After watching the Motorbike Beethoven video … decided to set up a fancy breakfast table with classical music playing then we delved into different versions of the classics, like Rock versions of Fur Elise. This was a firm family favourite… It's been great fun, thank you for being the launch pad to that 😊’


Click here to view student work samples.

Mrs Tammy Fraser
K-6 CAPA Teacher

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