Ready, Set….COLOUR!!!

On the last day of Term 2, PCS United hosted a Colour Explosion School Fun Run to raise money towards tackling poverty. Across the school, 470 students from the Toddler room to Year 6 participated.  The positive energy was contagious with class after class of students dressed in white with vibrantly coloured sunglasses and headbands coming down to the oval to take on the challenge that was both fun and life-changing.


We saw quiet personalities shine through in ways never seen before, and individual students who set personal challenges as to the number of times they could complete the course. But ultimately, what we saw was the spirit and community of our school.


Some fun facts for you:


  • Highest Fundraising Student – Imogen N

  • Highest Fundraising Class – Kindy Hyenas (Mrs Hill)

  • MonSTAR Class Winners with the most profiles created – Prep (Mrs Dawkins)

Prizes have been delivered to the school and will be distributed when we return onsite.


Through our combined fundraising efforts across Term 2, we have been able to raise around $20,000; talk about making a huge difference. We started this journey with high expectations and together we have surpassed them.


To our students and teachers, our community and family groups, thank you for making yourselves available and for your willingness to support this event with your time and prizes!!  Thank you.


Now we rely on your support to cheer us across the finish line. Please send those prayers up so that we can walk our blessing out for those in need. 


So on your marks, get set…..let’s go!


Juliet Aboagye-Hill
Kindergarten Teacher


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