Primary Zone Swimming Carnival 2021

On Thursday 18 February, 27 students represented Penrith Christian School at the Nepean Zone Swimming Carnival at Glenbrook Pool. All the students were exceptionally well behaved and swam competitively to the best of their abilities.


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding results:


12 Years Boys - Tyler Brown 

  • 1st 50m Freestyle 

  • 1st 50m Backstroke (Broke Record)

  • 1st 50m Butterfly 

  • 1st 50m Breaststroke 

  • 1st 100m Freestyle (Senior) 

  • 1st 200m Individual Medley (Senior) 

  • 12 Years Boys Zone Age Champion 


12 Years Girls - Aimee Klimek 

  • 1st 50m Backstroke

  • 3rd 50m Freestyle

  • 3rd 100m Freestyle (Senior) 


11 Years Boys - Liam McMahon 

  • 1st 50m Butterfly

  • 2nd 50m Freestyle

  • 2nd 50m Backstroke


11 Years Boys - Cameron Wild 

  • 3rd 50m Breaststroke


11 Years Girls - Olivia Galea 

  • 1st 50m Freestyle (Broke Record) 

  • 1st 50m Backstroke (Broke Record) 

  • 1st 50m Breaststroke (Broke Record) 

  • 1st 50m Butterfly (Broke Record) 

  • 1st 100m Freestyle Senior (Broke Record)

  • 1st 200m Individual Medley Senior 

  • 11 Years Girls Zone Age Champion 


10 Years Girls - Elyse Currall 

  • 1st 200m Indivdual Medley (Junior)

  • 3rd 50m Backstroke


10 Years Girls - Anna Morphett 

  • 3rd 200m Individual Medley (Junior)


9 Years Boys - Riley Jackson 

  • 2nd 50m Freestyle

  • 2nd 50m Backstroke

  • 2nd 50m Breaststroke

  • 2nd 50m Butterfly

  • 2nd 100m Freestyle


9 Years Girls - Amayah Hill 

  • 1st 50m Freestyle

  • 1st 50m Backstroke

  • 1st 50m Breaststroke

  • 1st 50m Butterfly

  • 1st 100m Freestyle (Junior)

  • Years Girls Zone Age Champion 


9 Years Girls - Hannah Kidd 

  • 3rd 50m Freestyle


8 Years Boys - Koen Bayada 

  • 2nd 50m Backstroke

  • 3rd 50m Freestyle


8 Years Boys - Matthew Morphett 

  • 2nd 50m Freestyle


8 Years Girls - Isla Ford 

  • 3rd 50m Backstroke


Senior Boys Relay (4 x 50m Freestyle)

  • 1st Place
    (Liam McMahon, Cameron Wild, Jack Walker, Tyler Brown) 


Senior Girls Relay (4 x 50m Freestyle)

  • 1st Place
    (Aimee Klimek, Alita Elias, Cylah Christanga, Olivia Galea) 


Junior Girls Relay (4 x 50m Freestyle)

  • 1st Place
    (Hannah Kidd, Anna Morphett, Elyse Currall, Amayah Hill) 


Junior Boys Relay (4 x 50m Freestyle)

  • 2nd Place
    (Rohan Mathot, Blake Kohler, Matthew Morphett, Riley Jackson) 


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