Prep School into bugs

Prep have turned into would-be entomologists as we have spent time this term studying insects. This project has emerged from the children’s interest in the little creatures found in our environment. This interest has spanned into a large, ongoing project that has allowed us to delve deep into the insect world and apply this topic across a wide range of learning domains, such as Art, Science, Maths, as well as during outdoor play.


We have learnt how to classify insects, identifying that they have three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen) and six legs. We have been able to practise our classifying skills with both model and real insects. We have also been looking up close at these, identifying parts through some microscopes we borrowed from the School Science Department .


We have enjoyed transferring our knowledge through art and have created beautiful artworks that depict what we have learnt about each different insect. Being able to work on our artworks over a span of weeks has allowed us to hone our skills and practise the different techniques we are learning.


To put our new knowledge into practice, we adopted two new class pets – Stick Insects. Their names are Olivia and Lucy, and we are learning how to care for them, and about their role in the environment.


Prep is an exciting place to be!

Belinda Dawkins
Preparatory School Teacher


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