Prep learns with Hairy Maclary

Every term in our Literacy program, Prep explores a different set of stories to broaden our understanding of sounds, words, and language. This term we have worked on the books of Lynley Dodd and her lovable dog characters in the stories of Hairy Maclary and his friends.


These books have introduced rhyming words and we have looked at the concept of characters, plots, problems and solutions in the context of stories. To round off our work, each student worked on creating their own animal character and rhyming description. This involved students thinking of and creating their character over a number of weeks. It introduced them to the idea of reflecting on, and evaluating their own work, and making changes where necessary. Students formed their characters from a variety of materials including recycled cardboard and timber off cuts from the Senior School woodworking class.


Rhyming words became a real highlight for the students and we spent a few weeks making our own word banks of rhyming words and introducing the concept of word families to the students. Such rich learning occurred through this term long project and we are proud of all their achievements.


Katrina Baines

Head of Early Learning Centre


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