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Permitted Hairstyles

Please be reminded of the PCS Grooming Policy for hairstyles, as per the School Uniform and Grooming Policy and Procedures:


Parents are reminded that the School Policy regarding the length and style of hair requires students' hair to be: neat, tidy, off the face, restrained from contact with other students and not expressing the excesses of current fashion.


* Final adjudication on what may constitute ‘excesses of current fashion’ is determined by the Principal.


Styles that are NOT permitted and would constitute an excess include:

    • Sculpting and shaving (hair should not be cut shorter than a number 3 clipper)

    • Hair extending below the eyebrow

    • Excessively cropped hair

    • Boys hair extending below the top of the collar line

    • Hair dyed unnatural colours.


Hair is to look natural.

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