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PCS Swimwear - 2019/2020 season

If your child has outgrown last season’s swimwear, or you would like to purchase PCS branded swimwear for the first time, we have a few items in stock available for purchase as follows:


Female Sports Back One Piece

  • Girls 10 x 1

  • Ladies 10 x 3

  • Ladies 12 x 1

Female Knee Length One Piece

  • Girls 8 x 2

  • Girls 10 x 2

  • Girls 12 x 1

  • Ladies 10 x 1

  • Ladies 12 x 2

  • Ladies 14 x 1

Male Jammers

  • Boys 6 x 2

  • Mens 14 x 1

  • Mens 16 x 1

  • Mens 18 x 1


It is not compulsory to wear PCS swimwear, but we encourage any students who are likely to compete at Triathlon/Biathlon, Zone and State (and beyond) events to consider purchasing this swimwear. Usage is not restricted to PCS Representative water sports: students are welcome to wear PCS branded swimwear at non-PCS events such as Open Water swimming, community Triathlons or even for training/practice.


PCS branded swimwear is not restricted to those who participate at Representative level only. All students are welcome to purchase the swimwear for PCS swimming carnivals and extracurricular events.


Please CLICK HERE for Order Form.


Sharon Tuft

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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