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PCS Sport - Term 2, 2017

Wow! Term 2 is over and Athletics Carnival season has arrived.






On the last day of Term 1, the K-12 Cross Country was held. Due to the earthworks on the Oval/Western side of the school property, we had to modify the course to create a new 1 km circuit. This circuit had one benefit in that it allowed everyone to see the runners for virtually the whole race.

The weather turned out lovely for the day; not too hot, nor did it rain, which was wonderful. The day started with the Kindy 400 m races and then moved up through the various age groups and it was great to see some fantastic running from so many of our students. Later in the day, it was Years 7-12’s turn and there were certainly some good performances by these students as well.


Thank you to all the parent and student helpers, as well as the wonderful staff, who helped out on the day in a variety of roles including: Place Judging, Recording, Supervision, Starting, selling ice blocks, being a running guide around the course (thanks Mrs Westcott and the students who did this, as I couldn’t do it this year).


Winners in each age group were:


 K - 6





Thomas Sheen

Emily Payne

Year 1

Boston Ryan

Faith Green

Year 2

Noah Fraser

Chantelle Lowe

8/9 Years

Nicholas Nelson (Year 3)

Zara Stanford (Year 3)

10 Years

Vincent Schubert (Year 4)

Tyler-Eve Mair (Year 5)

11 Years

Damian Tolomeo (Year 6)

Sienna Stanford (Year 6)

12 Years

Josiah McCarthy (Year 6)

Olivia Kohler (Year 6)






18 Years

Robert Mason (Year 12)

Kwani Tevita (Year 12)

17 Years

Quentin More (Year 11)

Emily Dal Santo (Year 11)

16 Years

Byron Ryan (Year 10)

Eden Alexander (Year 11)

15 Years

Ethan Loizou (Year 9)

Katie Dal Santo (Year 9)

14 Years

Keagan Kentwell (Year 9)

Isabella Hall (Year 8)

13 Years

Bailey Collins (Year 7)

Amie Frith (Year 7)

12 Years

Aydan Crowe (Year 7)

Kiahna Kraus (Year 7)




Praise the Lord! We were able to have our Athletics Carnival this year (after it was completely washed out in 2016). The day was clear and lovely (although a cool breeze hung around for some of the day). It was great to see the students giving their best on the track and at the various field events; there were a few new records set as well, which was wonderful to see.

Thank you so much to the parents who gave up their time to help out on the day. Your help was greatly appreciated: for most of you it was a full day duty without much of a break. All I can say is thank you!


The winning House on the day was Caleb House
Point Scores:  Caleb – 536 Points; Daniel – 296 Points; Joshua – 248 Points


Age Champions




8 Years

Tyler Brown (Year 2)

Ella Williams (Year 3)/Makanaka Maenzanise (Year 3)

9 Years

Nicholas Nelson (Year 3)

Zara Stanford (Year 3)

10 Years

Vincent Schubert (Year 4)

Tyler-Eve Mair (Year 5)

11 Years

Levi Green (Year 5)

Angelina Tirados (Year 5)

12 Years

Yhoden Gyamfi (Year 6)

Belle Campisi (Year 6)


New Records



Old Record Holder




New Record Holder



10 yr Girls High Jump

Belle Campisi


1.10 m


Tyler-Eve Mair


1.15 m

12 yr Boys High Jump

Marcus Hudson


1.28 m


Yhoden Gyamfi


1.33 m

12 yr Girls Long Jump

Alexandra Ryan


3.77 m


Belle Campisi


3.79 m


The Years 3-6 Zone Athletics Carnival is being held at Harold Corr Oval, Cambridge Park on Thursday 3 August; notes will be distributed early in Term 3.

The Years 7-12 Athletics Carnival is being held the first week back next term on Wednesday 26 July. This event will also be held at Harold Corr Oval.




The NSW All Schools Swimming Championships were recently held at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre in Homebush.


Matthew Galea (Year 10) was a reserve for the 400 m Individual Medley and he received a call up to the NSWCIS Swim Team earlier in the week. Matt went on to win a Bronze Medal in the race!!! Well done Matt; we are very proud of you. Matt is now also a reserve for the NSW Swim Team for the Pacific Schools Games which will be held later this year.


YEARS 7-12 SPORT: TUESDAYS (Periods 6 and 7)

Rep Sports: This term, PCS has been competing in the Western Sydney Christian Schools Sports Competition on Tuesday afternoons during sport time in the following divisions and sports:
•    Open, U/15 (two teams) and U/14 Girls Netball (Jamison Park)
•    Open, U/15 and U/14 Boys Soccer (Jamison Park)
•    Open Girls Soccer (Jamison Park)


Our teams have all started extremely well and most teams are heading towards semi-final qualification.


Help Needed: Tuesday Sport

We are in need of help with Sport on Tuesdays in the following capacities:

YEARS 3-6 SPORT: FRIDAYS (Periods 4 and 5)

PSSA Sport commenced this term, although Round 2 was a washout. Our teams all started well with wins to most of our teams.


A big thank you to our Sports Sponsors, Tolson Plumbing and Laser Electrical (PSSA Senior Boys Soccer team pictured, sporting their new sponsored jerseys)


PCS is competing in the following:

    • Soccer: Junior Boys, Senior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Girls

    • Netball: Junior Girls and two Senior Girls

    • AFL: Junior and Senior


Help Needed: Friday Sport

  • We are in need of help with Sport on Fridays in the following capacities:




PCS sent a large team of students from Years 2-12 along to the CSSA State Cross Country which was held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park on 2 June. It was a lovely day for an event such as this and many of the students looked great in their new PCS singlets.


Our students all gave their best efforts and many improved on their results from 2016, which was wonderful to see.


Three PCS students qualified to represent CSSA at the CIS Cross Country held on Thursday 15 June at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. These students were:

  • Olivia Kohler (Year 6) – placed 7th

  • Ethan Loizou (Year 9) – placed 8th

  • Robert Mason (Year 12) – placed 2nd



Earlier this term, PCS sent a Boys’ Team and a Girls’ Team to the Penrith Region Paul Kelly Cup AFL Gala Day at Jamison Park. The kids all had a great day and the boys gave their best effort, but the girls’ team went on to win the Grand Final and go through the day undefeated.

This was a magnificent effort and the reports I received from the local AFL Schools Development Officer were wonderful. He was absolutely amazed by our girls’ performance on the day; he said he would be surprised if they did not win the next level. He also praised both of our teams in terms of their enthusiasm and attitude on the day.  Due to the girls’ success, some of the girls also got to play in a half-time game at a recent GWS Giants Home Game at Spotless Stadium which was such a thrill for the girls. PCS also got to host a couple of young GWS players who came along to run a training session after school in Week 5. Many members of the girls’ team, plus a few other of our PSSA AFL kids, attended and had a great time. Thanks to the AFL for providing this opportunity.

The Western Sydney Regional Finals Day was held at Blacktown International Sportspark on Wednesday 6 June in horrible conditions. It was a cold, windy and wet day, yet the girls turned up with smiles on their faces and ran on to the field ready for the challenge. The girls performed extremely well on the day, winning their first two matches and qualifying for the Semi-Finals. The girls went down in the Semi-Final to Holy Family from Bathurst 8-1. Holy Family went on to win the whole event.


Thank you to Mrs Stacey Stanford for all her time and effort with the girls; and, Mr Huxley, who attended both Gala Days, and has run some training sessions as well. Thank you also to the brave parents who went out to support the girls in the horrible conditions.




Throughout the year, there will be a number of representative trials held at various venues around Sydney and Wollongong. These trials will be to select students to represent either Nepean Zone at a CSSA State Gala Day, to represent CSSA at a CIS Event or National Christian Schools Games, or to represent NSWCIS at a NSW PSSA or NSW All Schools Level.


Students have been made aware of upcoming trials, some of these nominations have closed. Information regarding Trials are listed in the ‘Upcoming Events’ at the end of this report. Some of these Trials are only for two to three students per school.


Students wishing to trial must apply using a PCS Nomination Form and return to the Sports Centre Permission Notes box. Students will have a representative history, as well as 2017 PCS performances evaluated as part of the process. Applicants will be notified after the Nomination Closing Date has passed.


If you have any questions, or would like to know about any of these sporting opportunities throughout the year, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


National Christian Schools Games

Congratulations to the following students who competed at the National Christian Schools Games in Sydney in Week 4. Our students all performed well and the NSW Teams all came away with medals.

  • NSW Volleyball Team - Clayton Telfer (Year 12) - Gold Medal

  • NSW U/15 Boys Football Team - Jesse Dickson (Year 9) - Gold Medal

  • NSW Open Girls Football Team - Jamison Pope (Year 9) - Gold Medal

  • NSW U/15 Netball Team - Isabella Hall (Year 8) - Silver Medal

  • NSW U/15 Girls Basketball Team - Ella Edwards (Year 8) - Bronze Medal


CSSA Secondary Touch Football Gala Day

Earlier this term, the CSSA Secondary Touch Football Gala Day was held in Port Macquarie after being rescheduled from Term 1 due to the poor weather.


PCS had around 25 players within the four Nepean Zone Teams, with students from Wycliffe, Mamre and Richard Johnson also representing. It was a great couple of days, at a new venue for 2017, and the teams did quite well; both girls’ teams came close to making the Finals. Thank you again to the wonderful helpers who came away and helped with driving, food prep, coaching, supervision, lunch prep: Mr Mitchell Clarke, Mrs Leanne Telfer, Mrs Kellie Dal Santo, Ms Dianne Foley, Mr Peter Erler, Mrs Lainie Hall, as well as ex-student and ex-Sport Assistant Miss Sarah Easthope and some others from other schools.

The following PCS students were named in CSSA Teams and for the CIS Touch Trials:

  • Junior Girls - Adelaide Telfer (Year 8), Katie Dal Santo (Year 9), Jamison Pope (Year 9)

  • Junior Boys - Jesse Dickson (Year 9) (withdrew due to injury)

  • Senior Girls - Emily Dal Santo (Year 11)

  • Senior Boys - Clayton Telfer (Year 12)



We also had some Shadow Players named:


  • Junior Boys - Kundai Chawira (Year 9)

  • Senior Boys - Ky Collins (Year 10)




The 2017 CSSA Primary Girls State Soccer Gala Day was held earlier this term. PCS sent a strong team along on the day and they certainly gave it all in their pool matches.


Thank you to Mrs Belinda Garratt and Mrs Stacey Stanford for looking after the girls on the day (as well as running some afterschool training sessions, when weather permitted).



The 2017 CSSA State Gymnastics Gala Day was held at Sydney Gymnastics Centre. PCS sent a team of five girls who all performed very well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience which for some was the first time performing in front of a crowd. These girls were:

  • Aimee Klimek - Year 2

  • Alicia Weir - Year 3

  • Emily Klimek - Year 4 (Emily placed 3rd overall in Level 4, Division 1 – well done Emily!)

  • Tyler-Eve Mair - Year 5

  • Bella Grosse - Year 6




Congratulations to Seth Atkinson (Year 10) who represented the CSSA U/16 Boys Rugby Union Team at the recent Association of Co-Educational Independent Schools (AICES) Rugby Trials earlier this term.



Our new Soccer Shirts (three sets) and Athletics Singlets arrived just in time for State Cross Country! They look great and the students were very proud to wear them at State Cross Country, PSSA and Tuesday Sport recently. I have a few singlets available for sale at $30.




We still would like to gain more sponsors to be able to purchase the following Rep gear for later this year and for 2018:

  • 3 more Primary Sets of Soccer Shirts

  • 3 more Secondary Sets of Soccer Shirts

  • 3 sets of Netball Dresses  for Secondary Netball Teams

  • 4 sets of Netball Shirts for Primary Netball Teams

  • 3 sets of AFL Guernseys for Primary AFL

  • 2 sets of Rugby League Jerseys for Secondary Rugby League (and possibly a 3rd set for Primary)

  • 3-4 sets of Basketball Singlets: 2 for Secondary and 1 for Primary – these will also be used for Touch Football in Term 4



All of these items may not be possible for 2017, but I am hoping to build up to being able to cover ALL PCS rep teams so we look great. I am also exploring options for Shorts for Rep Teams.


If you would like more information regarding PCS Sponsorship, including full costings for specific rep team uniforms, please contact Ms Sharon Tuft at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 4737 4306 or CLICK HERE to download a Sponsorship Information Package.

If you would like to see the sample gear, please make a time to come in and see me and I will be happy to show you, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





I would like to know of any sporting highlights that occur outside the school so they can be put into the Sports Report. If you have any sporting achievements worth mentioning, please let me know. I would love to include them in my report; and, please don’t hesitate to email me if you have sent through a highlight and it hasn’t been published. Please send details, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Congratulations to Reo Wiringi who competed in the Tee Ball Grand Final in March for the Glenmore Park Grizzles, Under 11's Boys team. The GP Grizzles played a solid game against the Blue Mountains Monkeys defeating them 14-6

  • Some great Athletics Performances by Jake Jeffree (Year 3) over the past six months:

    • Jake qualified for his Regional Carnival in February and he won gold in the 60 m Hurdles, Bronze medal for the Long Jump and placed 4th in the 100 m Sprint.

    • Jake's proudest achievement is the last competition night for Little Athletics in February.  He broke the 100 m Sprint Club Record, which had been held for 12 years. This same night, he jumped his PB in Long Jump of 3.55 m (11 cm longer than his previous PB), with the Club Record being 3.56 m.

    • Jake was awarded Age Champion, Junior Athlete of the Year and Highest Point Scorer for his Little Athletics Club this year. Well done Jake.

  • I would like to express congratulations to Victoria Trevitt (Year 10) on her continued rise in rowing. Victoria was selected in the NSW Institute of Sport Rowing Team this year – at the young age of 15! Whilst her boat placed 5th out of 9, it was an amazing opportunity and has put her on course to be able to compete at the World Titles in 2018.






Nominations Close




Years 7-12 Athletics Carnival


Wednesday 26 July

Cambridge Park


CSSA Secondary Soccer GD – depends on Zone Results


Thursday 27 July

Jamison Park


CIS Primary Girls Softball Trials

Thursday 22 June

Wednesday 2 June



Primary Zone Athletics


Thursday 3 August

Cambridge Park


CIS Rugby League 7s Day 1


Monday 7 August

Jamison Park


CSSA Primary Netball Gala Day


Thursday August 10

Jamison Park


Secondary Zone Athletics


Friday 11 August



CSSA Primary State Athletics


Friday 18 August



CSSA Secondary State Athletics


Thursday 24 August



CIS Rugby League 7s Day 2


Monday 28 August

Jamison Park


CSSA State Golf

Monday 14 August

Monday 28 August



CSSA Secondary State Basketball GD


Friday 1 September

Cambridge Park


CSSA Primary Oz Tag Gala Day


Tuesday 5 September



CSSA Secondary Oz Taga Gala Day


Wednesday 6 September



CIS Primary Athletics


Wednesday 13 September



CSSA Secondary Futsal


Friday 15 September

Cambridge Park


CIS Secondary Athletics


Wednesday 20 September





CIS or NSWCIS – NSW Combined Independent Schools
CSSA – Christian Schools Sports Association
WSCSSC – Western Sydney Christian Schools Sports Competition
ASSRL – Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League
PSSA – Primary Schools Sports Association
AICES – Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools

Should you have any enquiries regarding sport at the school, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school by telephone or by email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do my best to answer your questions.


Mr Andrew Hutchinson

Head of K–12 PDHPE & Sport


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