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PCS has a new website!

Our new website has been launched TODAY! It is a more streamlined site, intended to give prospective families an overview of PCS. Some of the information previously on the website, relevant to current families, has been moved (or is in the process of being moved) to various 'portals'. Below is a description of where you can find relevant information relating to our PCS community:


Our PARENT PORTAL contains access to your family data, including medical information, current contact information, Parent Teacher Interview bookings, policies relevant to current families and more. This will soon be updated with additional information that previously existed on the PCS website. (Login required - see below)


Our STUDENT PORTAL provides access to a student’s progress, timetables, assessments, attendance, compliance record and a link to connect with teaching staff. Parents may also access the Student Portal using their ‘Parent Portal’ login. (Login required - see below)


Our PCS iLearn is a learning management system for students, enabling them to engage more effectively with a curriculum beyond the classroom, accessing subjects and posting homework and assessments online.


Our CALENDAR provides you with easy access to upcoming events and activities at PCS (NO login required)


Our POLICIES page provides you with links to publicly available, current policies (NO login required)


If you would like to access the 'Parent' or 'Student' Portals, but have lost your login details (or if login is not working), please email admin@pcs.nsw.edu.au or telephone 02 4737 4044

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