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PCS Drive-thru Library

Is your child missing their regular library time? The iCentre has a solution!


This term we are offering a new way to get your book fix: Drive-thru Library! (Would you like a bookmark with that? You never know, that might happen!)


This will operate on an opt-in basis, and we will put together packs of age-appropriate books for those students who wish to participate. We have a new email address dedicated to Drive-thru Library so that we can best serve your family. To opt in to Drive-thru Library, please email us at drive-thru.library@pcs.nsw.edu.au, and let us know the name and grade of your child/ren so that we can provide them with books.


We understand that your children usually love to choose their own books, but we know you will also understand that in the current circumstances, this is the most efficient way we can continue providing books to your children. We value your support as we aim to keep our students reading throughout this unusual time.


In line with our increased loan limits and loan period at this time, students in:

  • K-2 will be able to borrow up to six books

  • Years 3-4 will be able to borrow up to eight books

  • Years 5-6 will be able to borrow up to 10 books.

  • All loans will be for six weeks, however they may be returned sooner than that.


Book packs for K-2 will contain a mixture of non-fiction and picture books, Years 3-4 will contain non-fiction, picture books and chapter books at an appropriate level, and Years 5-6 packs will contain mostly fiction books. In all packs we will endeavour to provide some Premier’s Reading Challenge books to keep those reading records ticking along.


Drive-thru Library will operate by surname rather than grade, to minimise the number of times parents might need to call in to the school. We would ask parents to help their children keep track of their loans and that any current loans be returned on the day you pick up your new books. We will provide a place for books to be returned at the same time as you collect a fresh set.


Please be assured that we will do everything we can to maintain safety for your family as well as for staff. This will include minimal, if any, contact with staff and surfaces, and books being quarantined before being placed back into circulation.


We are excited to offer this service, and really hope that your family is blessed by this.

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