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PCS Branded Swimwear – 2018/19 Season Order

If your child has outgrown last season’s swimwear, or you would like to purchase PCS branded swimwear for the first time, we are placing a bulk order at the end of Term 3. This will ensure that orders are received in plenty of time for the 2018/19 swim season.


It is not compulsory to wear PCS swimwear, but we encourage any students who are likely to compete at Triathlon/Biathlon, Zone and State (and beyond) events to consider purchasing this swimwear. Usage is not restricted to PCS Representative water sports: students are welcome to wear PCS branded swimwear at non-PCS events such as Open Water swimming, community Triathlons or even for training/practice.


PCS branded swimwear is not restricted to those who participate at Representative level only. All students are welcome to purchase the swimwear for PCS swimming carnivals and extra-curricular events.


Please CLICK HERE to download Order Form (which also contains sizing and pricing).



  • Swimwear will be ordered in bulk end of Term 3, 2018 (no individual orders will be available).

  • To ensure correct sizes and styles are ordered, there are some sizes in stock that are available to try on. Please go to Student Reception to try on swimwear.

  • PLEASE NOTE: When trying on sample swimwear, undergarments must be worn for health reasons.



The branded swimwear we purchase is:

  • a high quality, hard-wearing material garment that is perfect for use in heated or highly chlorinated pools, or pools where the pH levels are incorrect

  • made with 100% chlorine-resistant fabric and is rated at SPF50+; and should last for many seasons, provided the correct care instructions are followed. 


The superior quality of the fabric means that while swimwear initially needs to be purchased new from PCS for your child/ren (i.e. we cannot have a supply on hand to be borrowed due to hygiene reasons), you are likely to find that items can be passed down to siblings and/or sold secondhand to other PCS families.


Orders MUST be received NO LATER than 3pm, Friday 28 September, 2018. Return your order to Student or Front Reception, Att: Sharon Tuft


If you have any questions about PCS branded swimwear, please feel free to email Ms Sharon Tuft sharon.tuft@pcs.nsw.edu.au




Ms Sharon Tuft

Executive Manager

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