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PCS Alumni: Jayson Brady

Jayson graduated from PCS in 2016 and started his pathway to a career at Western Sydney University studying Social Work. The great thing about University these days is that just because you start something it doesn’t mean you are locked in, and Jayson is a great example of this.


Jayson decided that Social Work wasn’t for him and was interested in Psychology so he switched to a Social Science pathway, where he knew that if he got really good marks he could enter Psychology. He achieved the results needed and transferred to Psychology, becoming interested in Forensic Psychology as a Masters degree. Forensics wasn’t on offer in his course so he applied through a program called Aim Overseas to study Forensic Psychology for a month at  Maastricht University in the Netherlands. This program is offered to high achieving students from Universities around Australia, and of course his application was successful.


He returned from this adventure recently and this is what he had to say about the experience: 


During the month of July, I went to Maastricht University in the Netherlands to study Forensic Psychology, which is a discipline in psychology that focuses on the integration of psychological analysis and assessment within the legal sphere.


Studying this field was incredibly useful for gaining insight into such a niche field as well as learning about the legal procedures in European countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Forensic psychology is not as well developed here in Australia as it is in Europe, so this allowed me to get experience that I would not have otherwise had access to in Australia. Not only did we learn about neuropathologies, recidivism in sex offenders, false confessions, and the reliability of lie detection, we were also exposed to life inside a working prison as well as The Hague, which is one of the international criminal courts.


This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that contributed to the shaping of my future career in psychology and I would recommend studying abroad to anyone who has the opportunity - it is a truly life changing experience.


Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School

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