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PCS Alumni: Eden Trevitt

I have recently started a segment on Instagram called ‘Throwback Thursdays’ where I feature ex-PCS students. The first one was Eden Trevitt who kindly agreed to write her story below. CLICK HERE to follow Senior School Instagram.


‘I got into Macquarie University through the Global Leadership Program, and completed my Bachelor of Science - Psychology degree in 2017.


I then attended Bond University on the Gold Coast where I completed my Honours Year. This was a real challenge as I lived on campus by myself for nine months. I learnt so much about myself, however, and it made me really value my family and loved ones.


I became provisionally registered as a psychologist a few weeks ago, so will now complete a two-year internship through my paid full-time role at Pinnacle Rehab as an Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant.


I remember the day I received my early offer to Macquarie - it was the day before our HSC music performances and I was ecstatic. It really took the pressure off and I could just enjoy performing with my friends.


My first week at university was a nightmare; it was nothing I expected it would be. I felt completely out of my depth, so alone, and wanted to quit with everything in my being.


I remember speaking to my dad, and he gave me unexpected advice. I had thought he would say something along the lines of, ‘chin up, you’ll be ok, you just have to stick it out’, but instead he said ‘quitting is always an option - you’ve always got that up your sleeve. But if there is a part of you that isn’t 100 percent sure it’s the right thing to do, or any part of you feels that you could keep going a little bit longer, then I think you should try doing that.' It really took me by surprise and actually made me feel so much better about things.


It did eventually get easier, and I believe taking the perspective that I always have a choice in what I do in my life and which path I will take, made everything seem so less scary. Since that time, I have taken this approach to many things in my life. It also helps you to give yourself the credit you deserve for choosing to work hard for something you want for yourself. 


The other advice I would give (as an ex-student as much as a provisional psychologist), is to never assume that everyone else around you has got it under control. I remember feeling this way at University, and I would freak out internally because I was the only idiot who didn’t know what I was doing and everyone else seemed so calm and on top of everything. I guarantee you that every time I spoke up and asked someone else how they were finding things, they told me that they had no idea what they were doing also.


It is so important to remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat and trying to look like they have it all together. ‘

Eden Trevitt


Congratulations Eden, and we wish you all the best in your chosen career.


Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School and Year 12 Wellbeing Mentor


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