PCS Alumni: Alex Ryan

We are so proud of what our past students have been up to that we wanted to bring back some more stories. Below is an article from Alexandra Ryan, PCS 2013 Alumni.


I’m so honoured to be asked by Mrs Jagger and Mrs Shelley to write a piece about what I’ve been doing since leaving PCS (It feels so wrong to call them by their first names!!).


After graduating from PCS in 2013 I went off to university, endured four loooong years of stress and anxiety, and graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with First Class Honours from the University of New South Wales in 2018. In my third year of university,  I started a cadetship with FDC Construction and Fitout (a building company). I continued going to university and working part time with FDC for the next two years, and during that time I completed my first project, the Ronald McDonald House Westmead.


After graduating from university, I was offered a full time position to stay on with FDC and since then, I have completed the construction of the new Marsden Brewhouse (a new pub and brewery in Marsden Park), and am now working on site at Macquarie University managing the construction of their new Central Courtyard precinct (a new graduation hall, teaching spaces, staff offices and student accommodation buildings).


In a nutshell, my current role/career path is construction project management. Sitting in an office all day doing engineering design seemed a little boring to me once I started university and saw what was involved with that, so I majored in Engineering Construction Management in my last year of university, and now spend most of my time on construction sites bringing the plans on the drawings to life!


If I could say anything or give advice, it would be directed to any of the girls who feel like they can’t pick a career in something they are passionate about because it’s a ‘man’s job’. There is such a demand for women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Construction industries, and that’s because companies are starting to recognise and appreciate the value that women can add to a working team. Ninety-nine percent of the time on construction sites I am the only female, but throughout my career so far, I have felt totally supported in what I do by not only the fellow women on this career path with me, but also the men who I work alongside with every day. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dream career just because of any stigmas that might exist.


Mrs Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School and Year 12 Wellbeing Mentor


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