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Parent Seminar Report Term 4: 'Too Much Too Young' (Melinda Tankard Reist)

On Thursday 14 November, we were very pleased to host renowned speaker, Melinda Tankard Reist, for our final Parent Seminar of 2019. Melinda’s presentation ‘Too Much Too Young: the sexualisation of children and what we can do about it’ was hard hitting, shocking and extremely valuable for parents with children of all ages. Parents were shown the reality of what our children are viewing and learning, both online and in all forms of media. In addition to increasing awareness, Melinda also provided parents with ways to enact change (see end of article for suggested links).


It was especially useful for parents of our Year 10 girls, and our Year 6 and 7 students, as these students also had the opportunity to hear from Melinda at various sessions throughout the same day. We are hopeful that the sessions have sparked some meaningful conversations in your house!


We were really pleased to see that a number of parents who attended the Parent Seminar were not PCS families. Here’s what some of them had to say:


“Thanks for making this freely available to the community - it is so very necessary and speaks volumes about your school that you are working to affect change”


“I’m not a PCS parent, so was very encouraged that you opened this to the community - thank you!”


The other overwhelming comment from attendees was that they wish more parents from our school community had attended! The presentations given by the speakers at all our Parent Seminars is always guaranteed to challenge you and/or reinforce that you are also doing a great job as a parent. Our aim is to support our parents with as much information and resources as we can – so we encourage you to get along to future Parent Seminars.


Here are some additional comments from attendees:


“As always, these seminars are extremely engaging, important and empowering in bringing up our children in a technologically dominated world.”


“Great awareness - I thought I knew about everything that is out there, but was shown things I had no idea about.”


“Wonderful and informative - thank you.”


“Thank you for showing me how I can help change the world!”


“Great speaker - eye opening.”


“Fantastic - more parents need to hear this stuff!”


“Fantastic - please bring her back!”




Collective Shout

Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls (co-founded by Melinda Tankard Reist)



Fight The New Drug:

Fight the New Drug is a non-religious and non-legislative organization that exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.



The Cyber Safety Lady



Melinda Tankard Reist

Books by Melinda and other authors can be ordered here, including:

  • ‘How to Talk to Your Kids about P*rnography’

  • ‘Good Pictures Bad Pictures’

  • ‘Sexts, Texts & Selfies: how to keep your children safe in the digital space’

  • ‘Big Porn Inc: Exposing the harms of the global pornography industry’

  • ‘Getting Real: Challenging the sexualisation of girls’


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