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PARENT SEMINAR: Generations XYZ - how to navigate the gap

Penrith Christian School is pleased to host an important seminar for parents on Tuesday 23 October, 2018 (7.00 pm): Generations XYZ - how to navigate the gap, presented by Mark McCrindle.


This night for parents only is open to PCS families and anyone in our local community. CLICK HERE TO BOOK



As parents and teachers, it is important to have an understanding of some of the key social trends of this generation, as they can significantly impact their relationships, learning and behaviour. Mark McCrindle will seek to provide a background and understanding of the impact and influence that social trends have upon this generation, so that we may be better informed in helping them grow as people.



Mark McCrindle is variously described as a Futurist, Demographer, and Social Commentator. He is a National Statistics Excellence Award winner, TEDx speaker and is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost social researchers. He is a best-selling author, and influential thought leader, and he is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia’s leading organisations. He is a regular social and demographic commentator in the press, on radio and on news and current affairs television shows such as Sunrise, Today, ABC News 24, A Current Affair, and Today Tonight. To read mroe about Mark, go here: www.markmccrindle.com


WHEN: Tuesday 23 October 2018


TIME: 7.00 pm

COST: $5


LOCATION: Penrith Christian School, 1 Simeon Rd, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748



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