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Parent's Seminar Report - 'Selfies, Self-worth and Self-objectification'

Last Tuesday 27 August, we welcomed back Collett Smart to present her seminar for parents; 'Selfies, Self-worth and Self-objectification: Helping teens navigate Social Media Culture'.


Collett is an international speaker, who provided attendees with a wealth of information in relation to social media and strategies for assisting our children as they utilise it. While there were many valuable insights, a key message and warning was this:

60% of parents don't monitor their children’s social media usage. Collett likened this to dropping your children off at Kings Cross for the night. Especially when they first use social media, our children need their parents to walk alongside them, teaching wise usage and navigating the dangers.


A full report will be included in our Term 3 PhoCuS magazine.


For those interested in purchasing Collett's new book, They'll Be Okay: 15 Conversations to Help Your Child Through Troubled Times, go to: https://www.hachette.com.au/collett-smart/theyll-be-okay-15-conversations-to-help-your-child-through-troubled-times


Look out for our next Parent Seminar on Thursday 14 November, with guest speaker Melinda Tankard-Reist.


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