New Pick-Up Routines from this Week – Kiss & Go

Our routines at the end of the day have been much improved with your patience and changes to procedure. We continue to ask the following to make this time as safe and efficient as possible:


  • All students K-12 will now be dismissed at the normal time of 2.55 pm. If you have older students, we encourage you to enter the school from 3.00 pm to assist our little ones leaving first.

  • Please use all four lanes upon entering Bay 1 of the car park to ensure that traffic is not held up at the roundabout, and then zip together giving way as necessary when moving onto the lower section of Kiss & Go.

  • Please be courteous to other parents by not using the Simeon Road entrance – this must remain open for deliveries and emergency services, but is not an entry point for Kiss & Go any longer.

  • Please ensure that your family name is clearly attached to the passenger visor, not sitting on the dash – its visibility helps to have students ready and waiting as your car approaches the Kiss and Go.

  • The Kiss & Go remains the preferred option for dropping off and collecting all students. Additional pedestrians in the car park, as well as having cars physically park on site as they enter and exit their spaces, slows the flow of traffic considerably.

  • Parking at any time on campus is rear to curb and restricted to Bays 3 and 5 for visitors and parents – please do not use Bay 4 to park at any time.

  • Pick-up of all K-4 students is adult to adult only, again preferably, via Kiss & Go. Please do not send older students to collect students in K-4. With written permission to your child’s Years 5 and 6 teacher, secondary students may collect them after school as long as they are observed to be safely supervised.


Thank you for your attention to this information, and for your assistance with adhering to these routines at our busiest times on campus.

Geraldine Paynter
Deputy Principal

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