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New Junior School iCentre

The new Junior School iCentre is open for business! 


Late last year, the Junior School library was moved in order to create a Senior Study space in the big iCentre building. Junior School now have their own library, and all of the Junior School students have been very excited to come and visit the new space. Library lessons for K-4 will now be with Mrs Brady, while Mr Ollis will still be in the main iCentre, as well as visiting the Junior iCentre to read to Preschool and Prep students.


As the Junior iCentre is sharing the space with Boost classes, some exciting Boost activities are being planned for lunchtimes. There is a new Makerspace area for creating, designing, and making things for our budding 21st Century learners.


This term, Thursday lunchtimes are LEGO days. Students who enjoy building are encouraged to come into the Junior School iCentre to start letting their imaginations run wild with all sorts of buildings, creatures and creations.


Please feel free to drop in and say hi in the mornings, or after school, and see our lovely new iCentre and Boost space.


Mrs Kirsti Brady

Extension and Enrichment (Boost) Teacher


Excellent results for 2018 Year 8 Science VALID
Junior School Leaders: Semester 1, 2019