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New Canteen is here!

We are pleased to announce that PCS has a NEW Canteen under NEW management, with a NEW menu! In addition to a standard menu, there are Daily Specials (which will change seasonally). The Canteen will be in operation from Wednesday 22 July 2020 (note that the Daily Specials menu starts from Monday 27 July). 


PLEASE NOTE: at the time of publishing this article, our menu has not yet been uploaded by Flexischools and online pre-orders are not currently available - we hope this will be rectified within the next few days. Therefore, UNTIL WE ADVISE OTHERWISE, all orders will be via the Counter at Recess and Lunch (no pre-orders available). Junior School students will not be able to order from the Counter. Once the menu is available for pre-order, please see instructions below or CLICK HERE to read more about Flexischools/online ordering.


Orders can either be made online (via Flexischools) by 9.00am each day OR at the Counter. However, please note that some items are only available via online pre-order, and some are only available via the Counter. To avoid missing out on desired items, we recommend pre-ordering via Flexischools. Please see Menus below for details.


All Recess pre-orders to be picked up from Canteen. Lunch pre-orders for Middle and Senior School students to be picked up from Canteen (Junior School orders will be delivered to classrooms via lunch monitors).



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