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NAPLAN Developments for 2018

In 2018 it will be possible for our students to attempt their NAPLAN tests online instead of with pen and paper. 


On 18 September 2017, Penrith Christian School will be undergoing the Schools Readiness Test in order to evaluate our systems and test our infrastructure, and the experience for our students, so that we can determine what the best way to manage the tests will be in 2018. This test is not about the student’s achievement and will not provide student results. The School Readiness Test is a trial to help our school administration determine how we will manage the tests in 2018. 


On this date, a selection of students from Year 3 and Year 7 will be attempting the NAPLAN school readiness tests. Students will test the system using, desktop computers, laptops and iPads. From this test we will see what the online experience will be like for students and will be able to determine the best direction for our students in 2018 when the online tests start.


This development in online testing is an exciting one and heralds a significant shift in the way external testing is done.  Penrith Christian School is a technology-rich school and our students have the advantage of having access to interactive technology that is frequently integrated into classroom lessons.  Our students have had opportunity to develop their technology skills and will be well and truly ready for this shift to online assessment. Students from Years 7 and 8 have already been interacting with similar activities in their Education Perfect Homework Tasks.


ACARA have prepared information for parents and teachers about what the online tests might look like and what the research says about the advantages of online testing. You can find information about the online tests including a video explaining the way to interact with the test on individual devices, frequently asked questions and demonstration tests that you can try out at home. 


To read more about the NAPLAN online testing visit:


Ms Corrine Robinson

Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning

Penrith Christian School

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