‘My Dream’ Poetry Challenge

As part of an optional poetry challenge on Wellbeing Wednesday, Year 5 students were encouraged to write a poem about what they want to be when they grow up. Inspired by Nicola McDermott, Australian Olympic Champion and Silver Medalist in the Tokyo Olympics (part of her story below), the students got to work and produced some amazing insights into their future plans.

We are so pleased with the creative responses from the students. There are also a few poems from Year 3 and 4 students who were encouraged by Miss Williams to have a go! It is never too late to write your dreams - join in the challenge at home, inspire yourself and others!

We have included these poems for your enjoyment and look forward to seeing these students achieve their God given dreams.

Click here to view students' poems.

Nicola’s story

A poem written by a 9 year old Nicola McDermott. Nicola was a Silver Medallist in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics breaking her own record.




Faith drives Nicola, read part of her story here as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald.



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