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Mr Hutchinson Honoured at CIS Awards Night

At the 2017 NSW Combined Independent Schools Awards Night held on Friday 16 February 2018 in Homebush, Mr Andrew Hutchinson (Head of K-12 PDHPE and Sport) received very special recognition. He was presented with an Award for Outstanding Contribution to CIS Sport. This award is given to one staff member each year out of all the independent schools in NSW. The presentation included a tribute to Mr Hutchinson, highlighting all the amazing work he does in sport.


Most PCS students and staff would be aware of Mr Hutchinson's dedication and enthusiasm for PCS Sport, and his advocacy of the efforts and achievements of PCS students who excel outside of PCS sporting activities. Mr Hutchinson works very hard behind the scenes, with much of what he does going unnoticed.


Anyone who has spent time with Mr Hutchinson knows that he doesn't seek accolades for what he does - in fact, we found out about his CIS Award from someone else and had to hunt down a photo from the night!


If you see 'Hutch' in the next few weeks, congratulate him on his Award, and thank him for his outstanding contribution to PCS Sport.


Congratulations Hutch!

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