Major Works Project – Zachary S

Zach’s project is a Veneered Credenza made from 19mm plywood, Tasmanian Blackwood, and a combination of Victorian Ash Veneer and Tasmanian Blackwood Veneer.

Zach’s Dad is a builder, so Zach basically used a tape measure for his entire project. I think for the first two terms I kept saying to him that a cabinet maker would use a rule not a tape measure, I gave up because he kept going back to the tape measure. What is most impressive about this project is that he bought his plywood from Bunnings and again I said that he should purchase straight plywood from a specialist retailer that will be dead straight, however he wanted to save money. After a few months of adjusting, some putty and sanding his project was fairly straight to the normal human eye, again he impressed me with his patience and perseverance. I think he would have adjusted and dry fitted at least 20 times for those first few months and we were still adjusting the levels a month before the due date. Fussy teacher…

Zach’s project contains a carcase with a bevelled edge (very difficult process), dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon wedge doors with glass and mitred timber beading, angled legs with domino joints and supports, custom designed handmade handles, carcase veneered inside and out, drawer front veneered front and top and side edges, shelves veneered top and front edge and finished with Danish oil. Many processes are contained in this project and it gives the impression of a high end piece of cabinetry when placed in the home.

Well done Zachary!


Jonathan Howe
Year 12 Year Advisor/ TAS Teacher


Major Works Project – Adelaide T
Year 4 Questacon Virtual Excursion

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