Major Works Project – Max K

Max, Year 12 student, submitted a very impressive Major Works Project in which he put in a lot of hard work and perseverance through a difficult two years. The first few pictures are of Max, and his dad (holding the torch), putting the final touches at home because obviously we cannot work at school. Before you think, oh that looks fairly easy; he is cutting a curved door.

Curves increase the difficulty of a project and make them three times as long to construct. Firstly, you need to angle the blade perfectly to match the degree that you need which can change with each cut (he cut it ten times before he got it just perfect). Then you need to hold the track steady and not move it while cutting, which is very difficult, praise the Lord for Festool machinery. I think Max attached his hinges over ten times to make sure that the alignment was perfect.

Max completed his work by adding his bling; the mind boggles with what these young people can achieve…

Enjoy everyone.

Jonathan Howe
Year 12 Year Advisor/ TAS Teacher

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Wellbeing Wednesday

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