Learning with Year 3

Is it living? Is it non-living, or was it once living?


These are the important questions the budding scientists in 3D have been trying to determine! Then there are those tricky things like ugg boots that are made from sheep’s wool, but put through a process. 3D have been working together to observe and categorise specimens in order to understand more about how living thigs are grouped. We have completed nature walks around the playground and searched at home to find as many living things as we can find!


In our classroom we have a nature table with a high turnover of caterpillars, grasshoppers, centipedes and the occasional moth. We are careful when we handle animals that are living, and try to return them back to their habitat after a few days. Our fighting fish, Blueberry, is often observed by the students and they enjoy asking questions about him. It has been an exciting start to Science!


In Writing, 3W have been focusing on Narratives. We have worked through the structure of this particular genre and are learning to introduce our characters and setting in a creative, vivid way. Students have developed inventive and interesting problems to entertain our readers. We have also focused our attention on adjectives, verbs and nouns to enhance our writing. They are doing an amazing job!


The focus for 3V Literacy learning this term has centred around Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, which aligns well with History. In the first week as a class, we read Dunbi the Owl, where children began to understand the richness of Aboriginal ways of knowing, as well as drawing parallels to Christianity. Next, we broke into teams where each team read another Dreamtime story among themselves and then had to pair up with someone from a different team;  each retold their story to another. This helped them understand the place of Oral Tradition as a means of passing down truths and culture. The children are currently collaborating in teams to create a collage and a one-minute talk about their Dreamtime story.


An excellent effort by all, well done Year 3!


Samantha Dawkins, Rita Vella and Skye Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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Year 2 Science Mealworms

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