Kiss and Go Update

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for your patience in these last weeks as we have managed our drop-off and pick-up routines. We are blessed with an onsite facility for doing this, and although it takes longer than we would like, these routines help to keep us safe. Please take the time to note the following:

  • K-2 early pick-up at 2.40 pm will continue until the end of this week when we will revert back to the regular pick-up time of 2.55 pm. Parents are able to use the Simeon Road entrance for this week only.

  • Years 3-12 pick-up: if possible, please arrive on campus from 3.00 pm to allow our earlier traffic flow to move through; we will look after younger children until then.

  • All parking on campus is rear to curb in Bays 3 and 5 only (not Bay 4).

  • Please limit your use of the car park to collect students; this slows down the Kiss and Go process as cars park and then attempt to leave, and also increases pedestrians through the car park.

  • Students in Years K-4 must be met by an adult in the Kiss and Go (preferred) for staff to dismiss them. Students in Years 5-6 may be collected by a high school sibling if the class teacher has been informed of this arrangement.


Thank you for your attention to these details, and for working to help with our morning and afternoon routines.

Geraldine Paynter
Deputy Principal

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