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Kindergarten have begun their second Science unit for the year, What's it made of? There has been much excitement already in the first few weeks.


The Kindergarten children started their investigation of this unit with a walk around our school, drawing maps and looking at the various materials that are present in our environment. Upon returning to the classroom, the children compared what they actually saw with what they predicted they might see. There was some pleasure in accurate predictions as well as interest in new discoveries.


Next, the children had the opportunity to do rubbings using crayons, of a variety of different surfaces relating to an array of materials around our school. This created many burning questions about materials including:


‘What is brick made of?’ – Marvellous

‘Why are there different types of bricks?’ – Xavier

‘How is plastic made?’ – Emily

‘What is glass made of?’ – Charlee

‘How do materials get their colours?’ – Yannic

‘How do they make materials?’ – Cianna

‘Where do they make materials?’ – Millie

‘Why are some hard and some soft?’ – Jyren


We are all looking forward, with much anticipation, to where our learning journey will take us next in this Science unit.


Mrs Allen, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Mahoney

Kindergarten Teachers


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