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Kindy Letter from a Farmer!

Last year many of the Kindergarten students took the time to write letters to our Australian farmers to cheer them up. One of our Kindy students recently received a response! It has been a wonderful experience for our students to understand the impact that a small gesture can have.


Here is the email from Priestley's mum:


As you know last year Priestley's class KA had the opportunity to write letters to our Australian Farmer's to cheer them up, well yesterday Priestley received a response!! Priestley was so happy and is wanting to write back which I will help her with.


I did post on my facebook page as I was so overwhelmed by his kind gesture and felt this needed to be shared, even through their hard times this gentleman took the time to respond.


Thank you for giving our children the opportunity to personally learn and grow with kindness at our beautiful school, these kind gestures I know will be instilled in Priestley for the rest of her life due to what she is learning each and every day along with the support from us and our beautiful community of Penrith Christian School, for this I thank God, I thank you and each staff member of PCS.  


And here is the farmer's letter (also included in the image below):


Dear Priestley,


I am a farmer and just before Christmas you wrote me a really nice and kind letter, saying you were thinking of me and other farmers in this drought. Your words you wrote, and for taking the time to do that, do mean a lot. I appreciate that very much, so thank you. We have had some nice rain recently so maybe this could be the start of better times.


I hope you are well too Priestley and that you have a great year at school. I assume you would be in Year One now, so I hope you enjoy primary school like I did many years ago.


Wishing you a long, healthy and happy life.


With Regards,

Darren Campbell



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