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Kindy Investigators

Throughout this year Kindergarten have become informed inquiring investigators.


During Term 1 in our Science unit ‘What’s Alive?’, the students examined how their senses can be used to investigate the world around them to make predictions and hypotheses. In order to understand how their senses can impact their understandings, the students engaged in a variety of activities that had them touch, taste, hear, see and smell a range of items. This helped to highlight how utilising their senses in combination can develop and enhance their investigative skills. Taste was definitely one that the students enjoyed the most, especially the marshmallows.


As Term 2 has begun and Kindy have started working on our next Science unit ‘What’s It Made Of?’, those investigation skills have been really put into practice. They have been exploring the school to determine the vast array of materials that the school is made up of and investigating why certain materials are used in different parts of the school.


The Kindy students love being Science Investigators.


Jenny Allen, Alison Bennett and Evie Burry

Kindergarten Teachers


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