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Kindergarten Weather Observers

On Wednesday 23 October Kindergarten went on their very first excursion to The Sydney Observatory. This was part of our Science unit, Weather and Me.


Travelling to the city on the ‘big’ school buses created as much excitement as visiting the actual Observatory. Before we began our session in The Observatory, the children had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the scenery and practise their developing artistic skills to draw what they could see from the spectacular view on Observatory Hill. The highlight was definitely the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


The program, led by the staff of The Sydney Observatory, was fantastic. The children used their investigation skills and various weather measuring tools to determine the weather conditions for the day. In the little theatre, we watched how the weather and seasons are connected and how this can impact what we do and wear. The most exciting aspect of the session was launching the water rockets. We even made a cloud in one of the rocket bottles.


When we were greeted on returning to school and asked how the excursion was, one of the children replied 'We learnt so much about the weather. It was so great.' Outcome achieved!


Jenny Allen, Alison Bennett, Evie Burry

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