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Kindergarten’s Observatory Excursion

On Monday 29 October Kindergarten ventured out beyond the gates of the school for our very first excursion. This was not just an adventure within our local area. NO! We went all the way to The Sydney Observatory in the city. This excursion supported our learning in Science about the Weather.


The excitement began travelling on the big school bus and for most children, this was a first. During the trip, there was some initial confusion with thinking we may be going to McDonald’s or Wet’nWild and that Parramatta was the city as we travelled along the M4. But as we made our way over the ANZAC Bridge, and with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in view, all misconceptions were cleared up.


The program at The Sydney Observatory was specifically designed for the Kindergarten Science curriculum and was just amazing. The children had the opportunity to see how the weather changes with the seasons through time-lapse photography.


They got to choose and wear items of clothing for different types of weather. They used various measuring devices to determine different weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, rainfall and cloud coverage. The children also got to let off water rockets after deciding that the weather conditions were suitable to do so.


After lunch the children had the chance to be scientific observers, using their senses to draw pictures of the fantastic view from Observatory Hill.


It was a much quieter ride back to school on the bus with many tired children, teachers and parent volunteers. Such great memories and so many firsts from this day will be etched in little minds for a lifetime.


We would love to thank our wonderful parent helpers. We were certainly blessed to have such amazing volunteers come along and be so very supportive.


Ms Jenny Allen

Kindergarten Teacher


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