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Kindergarten on the move

Kindy Alligators, Kindy Hyenas and Kindy Bees have made wonderful progress transitioning back from online learning to classroom for learning. The children thrived being with their friends and the face to face interaction with their teachers and peers.


We were blessed to move into our state of the art new classrooms, and the kids have shown resilience and joy moving into this wonderful new space.  Kindergarten have adapted with the new normal, they have settled with routines and are thriving with learning.


Kindergarten have been learning in Mathematics about groups of, sharing, numbers and shapes. They are learning to write their own sentences and are beginning to write narratives with characters in a setting, creating a problem and solving that problem for the ending of their story. The students are writing with more independence short, fun stories, and then enjoy reading these to their class.


We are also enjoying doing sports and active lifestyle activities both under our new COLA and in the Sports Centre.


Kindergarten follows PCS Learning Zones where we can cooperate, collaborate in small group tasks, solve problems, learn to be clear communicators, follow instructions, create and do so much more. 


A. A. Milne wrote a poem about being six, and about being clever, 'so I think I will be six forever and ever'. I do believe the year growing up from five to six is one of the greatest adventures and milestones.


I wonder, what do you remember about being six-years-old?


Mrs Burry, Mrs Hill and Ms Allen

Kindergarten Teachers


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Thank You PCS Community - From the Principal