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Kindergarten learn to read and write

As a teacher, it is my favourite time of year as we begin to see how far students have come. I am proud of Kindergarten who have progressed this year with learning to read and write.


They are starting to appreciate Literacy tasks and like reading informative books, such as Science topics of forces and the weather. Kindergarten classes enjoy opening a new reader in Reading groups and push themselves that little bit further in reading comprehension activities and games. Each child is excited to achieve a certificate from a sight word level, or find a new discovery in a book. It is beautiful to hear children spend time reading from the children’s Bibles in the classroom. Teaching children to read and use reading strategies to learn is the greatest reward.


At the beginning of Kindergarten, many children were eager to write a few letters and learn to write their name or some small words. Now in Kindergarten they are spelling and writing procedures, explanations, recounts and opinions in persuasive writing texts. They have learnt single sounds and are now using sounds and sight words to boost confidence in writing tasks.


Last term we made and wrote procedural texts about how to make a healthy sandwich, fairy bread and a Vegemite sandwich. Kindergarten enjoyed following the procedures. I believe making and eating the sandwiches was as much fun as learning to write about it on the template. Kindergarten Elephants wrote an explanation about what a plant needs to grow, which was followed up by planting our own beans; some grew over the holidays.


This term, Kindergarten have written texts about our holidays and birthday parties. Kindergarten are writing persuasive texts with our opinions about the weather and animals. Our opinions might be different to others and that is good because God made us all unique and different.


I encourage you to take time to read, to play a rhyming game or eye spy. Take time to write down a few thoughts as sentences or a letter. Take some quiet time to read God’s Word and to learn something new. We are all lifelong learners and there is more of God's amazing world to learn about. Keep on learning to read and write; it is a skill that will serve you well.


Mrs Evie Burry

Kindergarten Teacher


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