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Kindergarten branches out

Kindergarten love to learn about the world they live in as well as the family they belong to. But what does it mean to be a part of a family? What is history? Connection. Belonging. Learning. Sharing. Tradition. Celebrations. Memories.


It is what we experience as a class, as a grade and even as a school community. In essence, we live history every day. This term will bring family and personal histories into focus for Kindergarten. It puts things into perspective for them and helps them to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


Conversations with friends and family, reflecting on activities in the classroom, all of the things that we have accomplished in previous terms, and even acknowledging our differences and celebrating them, helps the children to understand that history is important and that it does start with them. In the same way that we all love to open a present, the Kindergarten children have prepared a ‘Family History Box’ to add special items to that will help them to unpack their own stories. The exciting part of this journey is that they will discover the role they play in HIS-story as well. 


The following are moments that are making up part of each child’s story and that are feeding their sense of belonging at school and in the wider community and most importantly in who God intended them to be.


What is your story?


Jenny Allen, Eve Burry and Juliet Aboagye-Hill

Kindergarten Teachers


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