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Kindergarten Adventures – Learning through play

We are off and racing in the Kindergarten team. It has been so exciting getting to know our new little friends and exploring ‘big school’ together. One thing we hear almost every year from some of our eager young learners is ‘when is the learning going to start?’ Little do they know that the learning has already started.


Our Preschool and Prep programs have done a wonderful job in preparing the children for school, as have the parents, in providing rich play-based learning environments;  we continue with that in Kindergarten, with lots of hands-on learning. We use games and activities to not only practise skills and concepts that are being taught, but also to encourage the children to discuss and teach one another what they are learning. As it is said, ‘What I experience I understand, what I teach I master’.


So what have we been up to? We have been playing with our hermit crabs (to learn what living things need to survive); playing lots of number games, counting, subitising, comparing and ordering in our Whole Number unit; inquiring about homes and creating models of our houses in Geography; building our fine motor muscles using Lego, chopsticks, fishing games and peg boards to help us develop our Handwriting, and learning all sorts of social skills in all of our play-based activities.


All of this works alongside our early Reading and Writing programs that teach the children about types of text and basic reading strategies as well as writing skills.


So when is the learning going to start? It started the second they walked in the door, along with all the fun!


Ms Jenny Allen, Mrs Alison Bennett and Mrs Evie Burry

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