K-6 CAPA in Term 1

Wow! We have certainly made an exciting start to our year in K-6 CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts). Students are zealously ‘Striving for The Highest’ in their creativity, God given talents, learning new skills, working as a team, appreciating diversity and confidently showcasing their designs and performances in the areas of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts. 


Every day I look forward to teaching, getting to know, being inspired and blessed and glorifying God with the 540 odd students in my 26 classes. What a privilege. What a joy!


  • Kindergarten are brilliantly tapping to the Beat and Tempo of Percussion instruments. 

  • Year 1 are playfully and daringly learning about pitch and dynamics on the Xylophones, as well as crafting paper plate reindeers, printing wiggly worms and designing ant picnics with fingerprints and collage.

  • Year 2 are revelling in reading and playing online rhythms on the percussion instruments.

  • Year 3 are radically blowing brilliant tunes on their recorders.

  • Year 4 are tooting terrific musical rudiments on their recorders, as well as painting Pandas, Whales and sketching, with charcoal, Self Portraits.

  • Year 5 are designing and making magnificent musical storybooks with GarageBand on iPads, as well as sketching, painting, printing and adding collage to landscapes of Uluru and Australian animals.

  • Year 6 are creating clever PCS promo videos using iMovie on iPads, as well as designing a multimedia artwork of their favourite plant using photography, drawing, watercolour, oil pastel and collage. 


What a brilliant bunch and oh how they shine!


Below are some photos and work samples for you to enjoy and admire.


Tammy Fraser

K-6 CAPA Teacher


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