Justin Orchard - Schools Industry Partnership Award

Justin Orchard from Year 12, an Electrotechnology VET student, has received the Schools Industry Partnership Award as an outstanding learner who has consistently been observed and evaluated by SIP members as having:

  • Demonstrated a clear understanding of the knowledge and theory required from the first occasion on which these were presented and explained

  • Acquired the relevant and necessary skills to undertake required work quickly and effectively, including the use of the necessary tools and/or equipment

  • Applied relevant knowledge and theory, using the relevant skills and equipment/tools to successfully and effectively from the first attempt, to complete set tasks

  • Demonstrated work readiness by positively and proactively seeking to learn what needs to be known and understood, and by developing the skills and use of relevant equipment/tools in order to complete set tasks successfully as quickly and comprehensively as possible.


Congratulations Justin on your achievement!


Mr Mike Geeves

Head of VET/KEY Alliance, Careers Counsellor & History Teacher

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