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Junior School Missions on a mission

Recently Year 4 Junior School Missions students went to visit Governor Phillip Nursing home. They shared the Gospel message through songs, poems and prayers. We also gave out some beautiful angel, pop-up Christmas cards.


I am so proud of these students’ heart to serve: Evangeline Tevita, Laura Whitehouse, Jessica Todd, Mia Gabin, Sophia Licastro, Lauryn Refalo, Emily Klimek, William Jenkyn, Luke Hale, Clay Blight, Jeremiah De Martin, Ryan McClement, Sienna Teuma, Bethany Sampson, Faith Martinez, Megan Garratt, Eleora Matthews and Annabelle Carbone.


It is more blessed to give than receive, Acts 20:35


Belinda Garratt

Junior Missions Coordinator


I liked how the nursing home residents were really friendly and nice and kind. I felt generous when I was singing songs and giving out cards. It was hard to give up lunchtimes each Thursday because I had to miss some play time, but I liked raising money for Divine Junior School and Vietnam. I also liked spending time with my friends in Junior Missions.

Luke Hale


I really enjoyed going to the nursing home because the people there were really friendly and welcoming. I really liked putting a smile on their faces when we did some songs. I loved giving up my lunchtimes to make the beautiful angel pop-up Christmas cards that we gave to the residents. I loved blessing the residents’ hearts and making them happy. They were generous to us as well by giving us morning tea when we were finished. In the process of being in Junior Missions I have made lots of friends.

Sophia Licastro


At the nursing home, one of the things we did was hand out cards to the elderly. I enjoyed handing out the cards because I liked to see the smiles on their faces and hearing them laugh. I particularly liked reading the cards to them because I know it made them feel loved and happy, especially from the Year 4 students. Most elderly people can’t walk, so we went to the people that could not walk and we gave them their cards.

Annabelle Carbone


At the nursing home, one of the things we did was singing to the residents there. I loved to see them joining in with singing our songs. Particularly, I loved seeing them smile and laugh because they love visits and gifts from children, and that doesn’t happen very often. I could tell from their emotions that they felt loved.

Megan Garratt  


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