Junior School looks at the lives of Paul and Moses

This term in Biblical Studies K-4 classes completed a unit based on the life story of Paul, which is portrayed in the book of Acts in the Bible. The first lesson outlined Paul’s conversion from being a religious man who was intent on wiping out Christians, to a follower of Jesus committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel. We learnt that Paul was doing what he thought was right, but then God spoke to him and he changed his mind.


One of the things that strikes me about the story of Paul is, what would have happened if Paul had decided not to listen to God, but continued to make his own choices? One of the wonderful things about working with children is that they are usually ‘teachable’. Most children love to learn, yet somewhere along the way as we grow up, we can become ‘stuck in our ways’. Paul’s intentions were good, but he was misguided in his thinking. There is a challenge there for all of us to seek truth and be open to changing our minds, and our actions, as a result.


God led Paul into an adventurous life. He faced many hardships, but was sustained through these knowing he was fulfilling the purpose that God had for him. He also had undeniable impact on the people around him and we are still reading his letters and learning from his wisdom today.


Our second Biblical Studies unit was based on the life of Moses. Many of the children had heard about baby Moses, whose mother put him in a basket and hid him in reeds in a river, but there is much more to his story. God saved baby Moses and then used him to rescue his people out of Egypt through a series of dramatic events. Moses required great courage, but was able to face his fears with God’s help. We encourage our students also to face their fears and challenges, and draw on God for strength. The Bible says in Philippians 4:13 (TLB) ‘for I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power’.


I pray your children will be encouraged and develop greater resilience as a result of learning more about how much God cares for them, and how willing He is to help them to grow and be strong and courageous.


Miss Janice Roberts

Deputy Head of Junior School


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