Junior School Leaders: Semester 1, 2019

We love how all our Year 4 students are all leaders as they begin to serve our Junior School throughout the year. I had the privilege to talk to our two Year 4 classes about what makes a good leader, and last Friday we introduced/presented all our Year 4 students, our Semester 1 Leadership Team of eight, and our two School Captains for Semester 1, Charlotte Miller and Reo Wiringi, at our Friday Chapel service. Both Year 4 classes are an integrous bunch and we cannot be prouder of them as they choose to be marvellous role models for our Junior School students.


As part of their application, each student had to write down what they thought a leader should do, which the team of eight will share with you below:


Daniella Bennett: A good leader should do the right thing and take responsibility, helping other people in the playground and in the classroom by being kind and generous.


Alita Elias: A student leader should try to make the school a safe and clean environment, treat everybody the same, obey teachers, always be sensible, support and encourage others, set a good example and pray for the school and everyone.


Joy Walker: I think a student leader should be caring, set a good example for others to follow and look out for others.


Charlotte Miller: I think a student leader should help the younger kids, do more, be obedient to the teachers and parents, they should do stuff when they are not told and be helpful.


Tyler Brown: A good leader is loyal, caring, loving, helpful and serves others.


Nathan Gombakomba: A student leader should lead by example, be kind, always pay attention and help everyone where possible.


Cael Kiely: A good leader should respect others, be honest and be helpful.


Reo Wiringi: I think that a student leader should be good at communicating. This means they should be good at talking in front of lots of people.


Mrs Melanie Woods

Head of Junior School















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