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Junior School Boost Science: STEM

Boost Science started with each grade having a crash course using Scratch Junior on the iPads and then displaying their work to their peers on the Apple TV.


Year 3 kicked off by learning about different types of bridges. They found the five following types of bridges:

  • Arch

  • Beam

  • Cable-Stayed

  • Suspension, and

  • Truss


The students investigated firstly, a design that would span a distance and secondly, hold the most weight.


Year 4 explored simple circuits and created a scribble bot which involved lots of problem solving to design and make. They were able to display their learning to the rest of the grade.


Year 2 were going further in exploring forces and made a terminator hand to pick up objects and designed a pulley to lift a bucket.


How do you encourage your child to problem solve? Try one of these suggestions when your child is stumped next time.

  • ‘Show me the hard part’

  • ‘How could we work on this together to solve it?’

  • ‘What could you try next time?’

  • ‘What  do you think will happen next?’


Science and Engineering Challenge