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Junior School Assembly with Principal, Mrs Tracey Deal

Last week, Junior School were thrilled to welcome Mrs Tracey Deal at our Morning Assembly. The students were so excited and the parents had been invited to come and welcome our new Principal as well. 


Our Year 4s handed ‘The PCS Key to the Community’ to Mrs Deal. The children were explained that when a city or a community hand out a ‘Key to the City/Community’, that special person is given full access to their community. It only gets given to someone loved, respected and to be honoured. 


Junior School also presented a montage of Junior School student photos so Mrs Deal could gaze upon their faces during school days, as well as some cheery flowers to enjoy. Assembly ended with Mrs Deal addressing Junior School and the Year 4s praying for Mrs Deal. 


It was a special time, and Mrs Deal had the opportunity to chat with PCS parents and friends.


Melanie Woods

Head of Junior School


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