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Junior Missions Visit Governor Phillip Nursing Home

On Tuesday 27 November, twenty Year 4 Junior Missions students went to visit Governor Phillip Nursing Home. The gospel went out through songs, cards and the Christmas Story narration.


These students have given up their lunchtime on Thursdays for most of the year to serve and help others locally and in the nation of Uganda through fundraising and letter writing.


The following students are to be commended for their commitment to Missions and heart to serve others: Summer Hayes, Jion Bae, Makanaka Maenzanise, Elsie Wilson, Abbey Gee, Chloe-Rose Siorokos, Leyla-Rose Toughlajian, Lachlan Wild, Tyler Shaw, Kayla Dunn, Jake Jeffree, Chantale Lufu, Amy-lee Prince, Adam Marczak, Mia Jones, Blake Robbins, Madeline Hauer, Zara Stanford, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Chiara Gallo.


Below are some comments about the visit.

Summer Hayes: I really enjoyed warming everyone's hearts and knowing we made their day brighter. Being in Junior Missions has really made me love everyone and know they are special. I love how I can make a difference.


Lachlan Wild: I really enjoyed Missions because we had the opportunity to sing at the nursing home and raise money for Divine Junior School by selling ice-blocks.


Blake Robbins: I enjoyed giving out the Christmas cards at the nursing home and putting a smile on people’s faces. I also enjoyed selling Zooper-Doopers and writing letters to students in our sister school.


Jion Bae: Going to the nursing home was really enjoyable because we could serve the elderly and make them happy. I also really enjoyed being a part of Junior Missions this year because we could help people who have trouble in their lives.


Amy-Lee Prince: I liked how we helped serve the elderly and bring them some joy. Junior Missions has been great as I like doing new things and being challenged.


Abbey Gee: This year I have enjoyed going to Junior Missions because we got to perform items and it was fun selling ice-blocks for fundraising. Visiting the nursing home to see the elderly and put a smile on their face was also very special.


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