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Isaac and David on the world stage of Ice Hockey

PCS Middle School students Isaac Cavanagh (Year 8) and David Quinn (Year 7) recently returned from representing Australia as part of the Australian Ice Crocs Ice Hockey team at the 60th Anniversary International Peewee tournament in Quebec, Canada. This tournament attracts ice hockey teams and players from all around the world. 


The Australian Ice Crocs, consisting of players from all over Australia, didn't train together until they reached their pre-training camp in Troy, New York. Although they had been training, they had not played competition games since September. This was in stark contrast to the majority of the other teams who are still in their competition season and are used to playing together.


Despite this, the Ice Crocs did extremely well, and became the first Ice Crocs team in over five years to win a tournament game in the knockout round, and became the first Ice Crocs team ever to make it to the semi-finals (teams in previous years had won exhibition games but not a tournament game). Despite not advancing past the semi-finals they took consolation that the two teams they lost games to were the eventual gold and silver medallists in their Division. 


The boys were billeted with local Quebec families, immersing themselves in the unique Quebec culture and experiencing the Canadian winter. While Western Sydney was sweltering in 35+ degree heat, they were experiencing a snow storm of over 43 cm of snow and couldn't get to their first  training session as the roads were closed. However, both boys enjoyed the cultural experience and were very hesitant to leave. 


Now home, they are preparing for the upcoming NSW Ice Hockey season with their team the Flyers who are based at the local Penrith Ice Palace.


Congratulations Isaac and David.


Mr Brian Cavanagh

Education Support Teacher




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