Is your child starting Kindergarten at PCS in 2021?

We invite all children enrolled to commence Kindergarten at PCS in 2021 to join us for our Story Time Kindy Orientation. This is a great opportunity for all Kindy 2021 students to meet our current Kindy teachers in a fun and casual environment. The sessions will include story time, music and games/toys. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, at this point in time, we cannot facilitate parents, carers and grandparents on site.


Each Story Time Kindy Orientation runs from 8.30 am to 10.00 am on:

  • Thursday 20 August 2020

  • Tuesday 8 September 2020

  • Tuesday 27 October 2020

  • Thursday 26 November 2020


(with total number of Kindy 2021 students attending)


The above Story Time sessions are in addition to the following:

  • K-4 Orientation Morning - Friday 27 November

  • Kindergarten Parent Orientation - Monday 30 November


We look forward to welcoming your family to Kindergarten at PCS!

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