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Introducing PCS School Chaplain

Recently, in consultation with the School Board and Imaginations Church, we have had the privilege of appointing Mr Justin Corbett to the role of School Chaplain. Justin comes to us with some concurrent and recent experience in this area of ministry, as he has served in other local schools in a similar capacity. 


Justin has completed training commensurate with the Federal Government’s requirements for Chaplaincy in Schools. We believe he will bring a new dimension of connectedness and ministry to the students at PCS, adding to our student wellbeing services in a significant way.


You will not be able to miss Justin as he mixes with our students and staff, and attends events such as camps and excursions over the coming months, as he is quite a tall person. We welcome Justin to our team and pray he will quickly connect and feel a part of our community.


Mr Bruce Nevill


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