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Introducing: Mrs Sam Dawkins

It is an honour to return to PCS after being in Arizona, USA for the past five years.


It is amazing to see how the kids have grown and to hear about their successes! I have been teaching in the state system in America, in a Grade 2 classroom and have been reminded often this week, of the freedom we have in our school to acknowledge God. I love that we can start our days focused on God, and being able to teach through the lens of the Bible is a privilege.


My own kids have also re-joined PCS and are settling well into routine. The genuine concern and care of their teachers is refreshing and part of why we returned to PCS. Thank you to so many of the school community who have welcomed us back. You are truly a blessing and have helped us to re-establish the feeling of being home. 


I am looking forward to continuing to get to know new families and 'new to me' families as the year progresses. 


Mrs Sam Dawkins

Year 3 Teacher

Welcome to big school!